Legal Disclaimer and Notifications

Legal Disclaimer and Notifications

This has been brought to the notice of General Body of the Innovation Society, that some unauthorized people has advertised a RECRUITMENT DRIVE in Bihar and Jharkhand and have mentioned that Innovation Society is a Sponsor for the same.

As per the statement of President of Innovation Society and from the records of Innovation Society, NO such sponsorship or collaboration or association has been made or agreed between IIDERS and Innovation Society. IIDERS has never been authorized to display any recruitment advertisement or any other publicity material with or on behalf of it. Under the lights of facts as collected and investigated with General Body of the Society, this is hereby found that the advertisement got distributed in media is completely false and use of name of Innovation Society is fully fraudulent.

This is to be disclaimed and notified here that NO organizations or individuals or parties are allowed for using the name of Innovation Society for whatsoever purpose without WRITTEN/FORMAL approvals of any of the project and Innovation Society takes no responsibility of any project unless this is declared under "Project" section of the society on its official website

Also, NO BANK ACCOUNT is authorized to collect funds for any projects of Innovation Society except as mentioned on its official website and project-page.

For any queries, contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

List of some identified fraud/defaulters include:

  • Indian Institute of Digital Education & Research Services (IIDERS)

Don't Kill Innovation: Changing Education Paradigm

"Don't Kill Innovation : Changing Education Paradigm" the most awaited title conceived by Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Jain published IARS' Press Australia.

The book is an edited concept conceived with Innovation Society in association with IARS’ Press, International Association of Research Scholars (IARS), and Chartered Institute of Leadership and Management Professionals (CILAMP). Renowned authors including Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Jain, Abdul Dewale Mohammed, Doha Hassani, Dr. Hellen Amunga, Prof. (Dr.) Terence McIvor, and prof. (Dr.) Ripu Ranjan Sinha have contributed their thoughts in the book.

This book is intended to collect the thoughts of professionals to highlight the improvements required in teaching pedagogy suppressing the innovation embedded in the young scholars of different universities and institutes. This has been observed that in the race of ‘High-Scores’ of viva and theoretical examinations, the scholars of professional courses are continuously losing their focus from practical applicability of principles they learn and shifting more towards their ability to write examinations as per expectation of evaluators.

This book is an attempt to consolidate the observations, thoughts, and ideas for improving the teaching methodology and environment of academic institutions for support of young innovations of scholars. This book very well highlights different scenarios in which the focus of academic institutions and young scholars studying there gets diverted from skill-earning to high-scoring in examinations. The book brings in notices of policy makers and implementers, how in the competitive race of showing themselves on top by quality, the institutions and young scholars are diluting their ultimate goals of true skill development and how they are too focused on theoretical examination scores to actually understand the practical importance of subject.

The highlights of the book on the ways the young innovation needs motivation and support to spread wings for overall socio-economic development in true sense. All education policy makers, its implementers, formal educators, trainers, academic institution management representatives, and also the scholars or students must read this book to understand the drawbacks of implemented teaching pedagogy in most of global schools and the ways to improvements for transformational changes. The book is now available in the market in electronic format with ISBN 978-0-9943283-1-1 and can be purchased from different ebook-stores including Amazon or Blurb.


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