General Body Meeting 01-2015

As per Section 6 Para 01, the "Innovation Society Role & Responsibility" Version 1.0 published on July 01, 2015, the meeting of the General Body shall be held at least once every year with 2/3rd quorum.

In compliance to the above, the first General Body meeting in year 2015 was held on 19-Feb-2015. Minutes of Meetings for the same are captured as follows.


  1. Introduction with Vision, Mission, and Objectives of the society and its desire of formation.
  2. Updates about MOA Submission, registration process and other regulatory actions and initiation activities of the society.
  3. Road map discussion for different service pillars.
  4. Thought gathering from desirous members about progressing of actions of foundation.

Discussion Points:

  • Welcome speech is conducted by Honorable Secretary Dr. Deepak Jain regarding “What is” and “What is it all about” the VISION and MISSION as per earlier power point presentations shared with the members. After formal welcome of all members, he highlighted the background, basic idea, need, and focus about formation of Innovation Foundation of India supported with different factual data and requested contributions from all members in realization of objectives of the foundation.
  • Dr. Ashutosh Sharma discussed on policy guideline towards memberships and mode of execution policy. He also thrown light on the current situation and importance of such innovative projects.
  • Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha (President) discussed on current UAE policy 2021 and how it is linked in Indian scenario. Dr. Sinha also discussed on plan for 2015-2020 to Innovation Society vision and its strategy with ideology.
  • Dr Sinha thrown light on various membership benefit related to founder members and ownership of the society. 
  • After presentation of our initiators, Dr. Maneesh Saini raised points for clarifications and queries for the response of other participants and all participants solved question as practical manner.
  • Need of an official website is expressed by members. Nirmal integrated Consultancy to be hired for this task as they meet the criteria of cost and quality.
  • Dr. Sinha proposed and explained the 05 categories of memberships to be offered in the society. Membership fee would be 11000 INR for LIFE and for FOUNDER MEMBERS. We need to increase 'FOUNDER' Members to the number of 99.
  • innovation Society would offer services initially in 14 categories. These services will be offered initially through 09 Divisions as described in the presentation (PPT) and 76 Chapter across India would contribute to these services.
  • Each Founder Member would be equally responsible for the growth and success.
  • The services of 'Awards' and 'Certification' along with others would focus on "Zero Tolerance in Quality" and "Highest Standards of Deliveries" through the Chapters of the Society.
  • Dr. Ashutosh Sharma is assigned the services of empowerment whereas IPR domain is assigned with Dr. R. K. Gupta.
  • Dr. Deepak Jain would work in coordination with Dr. Sinha in the capacity of General Secretary and will also take care for the Publication Domain.
  • Some important discussed point of this meeting are:
    • Financial expenses towards memberships: As discussed in the House and decided, Memberships fees for founder member is 11000 INR
    • All founder members would be depositing this amount in a common account, the details of which would be shared by honorable Secretary Dr. Deepak Jain.
    • Funds would be transferred to the official account of the society once opened. The account is to be opened with State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Mayur Vihar Phase-1 branch, Delhi.
    • We have to increase founder members up to 99. All founder members would be responsible for increasing the team strength.
    • All expenses will borne by the society towards development of it for members working for the society. Expenses like stationary, travels, promotions, websites, registration costs, and any others is also to be borne by the society from the funds raised by it.
    • It is also proposed that after 5 years continuous service on the society with ideology all registered founder members (initiators) can be offered to get life time royalties and other benefits.
    • The royalty and benefit program is yet to be drafted formally and will be shared once done.

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


  1. Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha
  2. Dr. Deepak Jain
  3. Dr. Manish Kumar
  4. Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
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