General Body Meeting 02-2015

As per Section 6 Para 01, the "Innovation Society Role & Responsibility" Version 1.0 published on July 01, 2015, the meeting of the General Body shall be held at least once every year with 2/3rd quorum.

In compliance to the above, the General Body Meeting (02) was held on 01-Nov-2015. Minutes of Meetings for the same are captured as follows.


  1. Introduction with Vision, Mission, and Objectives of the society and its desire of formation.
  2. Updates about MOA Submission, registration process and other regulatory actions and initiation activities of the society.
  3. Road map discussion for different service pillars.
  4. Thought gathering from desirous members about progressing of actions of foundation.

Discussion Points:

  • As was proposed in General Body Meeting 01-2015, this is further agreed that after 05-years of services under compliance to the ideology of the society, the registered founder members (initiators) of the society shall convert to the "First Patron Body".
  • First Patron Body shall be formed that shall be permanent in the Society.
  • First Patron Body shall be the Guiding and Controlling body for Governing body.
  • Roles and Responsibilities and Powers of 'First Patron Body' needs to be defined.
  • 11-Members of Governing Body shall be designated as Executive Directors.
  • Regional Governing Body shall be formed with 16 members who shall be designated as Regional Director.
  • 160 Members shall be designated as Director (Division-Region)
  • 72 Chapters shall be formed under each Director.
  • Annual Board meeting shall be rotated in different locations of India based on availability of logistics.

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India


  1. Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha
  2. Dr. Deepak Jain
  3. Dr. Manish Kumar
  4. Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
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