Employability of students is not only one of the most preferred KPA for academic institutions, this is also one of the competency rating criteria for them. Students prefer to join the academic institutions with higher employability of alumni.

Innovation Society has been dedicated to skill development of scholars for higher employability and in the line of this action, Innovation Society shows its interest to join hands with academic institutions to provide professional skill development and certification courses to their students at their premise through traditional and modern collaboration tools.

These programs provide many facilities and exposures to the students including (but not limited to):

  1. Knowledge sharing on latest technologies
  2. On premise classroom sessions by experts
  3. Remote sessions of experts through teleconferencing
  4. Hand-on workshops and project works with world-wide collaborations
  5. Professional Certifications from globally competent institutions
  6. Long Projects and Training Programs to engage students to best utilize their vacations
  7. Short Projects and Training Programs to help students to implement product-ideas
  8. On-going Projects and Training Programs to help students plan their career with studies
  9. Industry Collaborations and interactions to help students understand the industry environment and keep a continuous check on their employability.
  10. Regular industry updates for students to adapt to the dynamicity of the industry.

With the Skill development programs of Innovation Society, for improved employability of students, the academic institutions get the benefits of industry collaboration, market exposure, and higher acceptability for students.

Terms of Participation

  1. This Service Collaboration is only for member institutions or member individuals
  2. Program registration fee and participation fee may be additional to membership fee, although membership discount/scholarships will be provided as per the terms of the society.
  3. Only the memberships taken before announcement of a program, and valid at the time of registration, and during the entire course of the program, would be eligible for membership discount/scholarships
  4. Details of program and respective terms and conditions should be referred from the official website of the society.


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