Current Projects

Innovation Society is currently working on the following open projects and projected-events:

Open Projects

  • ACCREDITATION PROGRAMME : Accreditation Facilitation program through Innovation Society facilitates the processes related to accreditations, quality processes, and process standardization. This project works towards NAAC Accreditation, SQAA Accreitation, ISO Standardization (ISO 9001, ISO 270001, ISO 20001, and others) and other process standardizations.
  • INNOVATE INDIA : Through different innovation Clubs in India as well as in different other countries, the mission of the project is to attract innovations towards strengthening of Govt. Objectives and Strategies. This project would attract innovative minds for participation through some global e-competition and other platoforms that would be created in the life of the project.
  • INNOVATION TIMES : This project is about periodic publishing and distribution of the newsletters and information about global innovations and contribution towards innovation betterment of society. The main ask of the pproject is regular and quality informative articles suitable for the subject.
  • IPR BANK : During inception of the society, International Association of Research Scholars (IARS) was involved as a research partner of Innovation society and this is to be taken as a rich project at global level.

Projected Events

  • Vaishvik Amritasaya Bhojnam The 2018 International Organic Farming Expo & Conference is to be organized with the support of Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India, to be scheduled towards mid of 2018 at New Delhi, Republic of India. The theme of the event is to showcase modern tools and technologies for the development, research promotion, and sustenance of Organic Farming. The event would include to introduce of a new innovative form of Organic Farming known as ‘Shiv Yog Krishi’. The event would be exploring the use of clean technology, new opportunities, challenges and way forward for support and promotion of Make In India, Skill India, Swatch Bharat, Start-up India, Human Resource Development, Khadi Gramodyog, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Self Help Groups, Microcredit Societies, Intellectual Property Rights, Research & Development, Banking & Insurance Sector, Entrepreneurship, Automobile Industry, Heavy Industry, Agriculture Machinery, Global Universities, Colleges and Institutions.
  • THE 2018 ASIA AFRICA ICT & DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT, EXPO & AWARD The next series followed by the 2017 India Africa ICT Summit and Awards is now planned to be organized in Mumbai, republic of India in December 2018. The 2018 India- Africa ICT Summit will provide podium where African and Asian Govt. officials along with ICT associate shall exchange the business interest for community enhancement by Capacity and Skill development of People in both continents. In this vision India- Africa ICT Knowledge Consortium is formed and shall be launch in Summit where leaders can establish Business networking from both nations through information sharing, generating Ideas to conquer ICT Challenges. It will help to mobilize ICT Investors in India to invest strategically in ICT Sector in Africa. The Consortium will carry on Exchange programs for ICT Scholars, ICT Investors and Best ICT Students. Annually the consortium will organize an India-Africa ICT Best Students Conference in India in which students will visit ICT Parks, ICT Companies in India, network and share ideas. During Summit, selected and nominated participants Sponsor and Exhibitors across the ICT Sector working in alliance will be awarded with The India Africa ICT Knowledge Excellency Award and The India Africa ICT Knowledge Directory shall be published. With a vision to encourage the networking and common market place for the startup and ICT Enabled Service, Companies are invited from both the nation to exhibit their work in this summit.
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