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Vision to support the target laid by AAGC framework for socio-economic connectivity between the two regions The India Africa ICT summit has been scheduled. Socio-economic Connectivity is possible with the Effective Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies and its enabled services tune up with the support of ICT Vendors, Involvement of ICT Ministry of both the nation, ICT Knowledge Provider, ICT Agencies or Authorities, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Major Telecommunication Companies,   leading ICT Investors, Consultants, ICT Lawyers/Attorneys, CT Knowledge Providers from Academic Institutions and CEOs of Major Internet Service Providers from African and Indian countries.

Predication and estimated growth indicated by president, African Development Bank  (AfDB), Akinwumi Adesina in Ahmadabad on 21 MAY 2017. “The trade between India and Africa reached $56.9 billion in 2015-16 from $11.7 billion in 2005-06. We expect the bilateral trade to exceed $100 billion by 2018”.Apart from $10 billion line of credit promised by India to accelerate investment in Africa, according to AfDB president, “automobile, power, pharmaceuticals and information and communication technology (ICT) sectors will play important role in boosting the trade”. Infrastructure, energy (especially renewable) and services are some of the sectors that Africa is looking to work with India. “The AfDB is investing heavily into infrastructure in Africa to link land locked countries to coastal nations. they are investing in ports and rails, and nobody makes better rails than India,” he added. The bank is also infusing $12 billion in the electricity space over the next five years and investments of $34 billion are further likely to be pumped in by 2025-26. “And, we expect to leverage $45-50 billion of investments by private sector” he said.

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