I-Next Club

I-CLUB : Innovation Society Club is a group of members in a particular locality or city. The Clubs  play major roles in achieving the objectives of the Society. It has direct links with the members. The Innovation Society has its chapters in JAMMU KASHMIR; HIMMACHAL PREDESH; PUNJAB; UTRANCHAL; WEST BANGAL; RAJASTHAN; BIHAR; UTTER PREDESH; ASSAM; GUJARAT; ARUNACHAL PREDESH; JHARKHAND; HARYANA; MADHYA PREDESH; ODISA; MAHARASTRA; ANDHRA PREDESH; KARNATAKA; KERALA; TAMIL NADU; TELENGANA; DELHI; NAGALAND; SIKKIM; MANIPORE; TRIPURA; GOA;  and RAJASTHAN. For the benefit of members, the Chapter organizes:

  • Monthly Technical Meetings
  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Workshops
  • Essay Competitions
  • Product Presentations,
  • Exhibitions
  • Film and Video shows

The Clubs also host Regional, Divisional, National, International events along with sponsoring agencies. The Chapter activities are managed by a Committee of elected members headed by the Chairman. The Chairman is assisted by the Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The committee has eight members each one taking care of the activities relating to the divisions of the Society. The Chapter elections are conducted by the Chapter Nominations Committee consisting of a Chairman and two members who are also elected by the Chapter members. India being a large country, the members spread across the country in about 72 Chapters (approximately).